Friday, May 6, 2011

Dad's Visit

My dad came into visit last weekend. Granted, I should have blogged about this visit on Sunday or any day before today, but I have had lots going on after work as of late.

*cough* Meeting Jen Lancaster *cough*

But, here's a recap, with some pictures from my dad's visit.

On Thursday, I took a half day to meet up with my dad so that he wasn't wondering around DC by himself. Our first stop was Hello Cupcake before we went over to my kickball game. My dad had a lemon zest cupcake and said it was perfect. I had a GF banana with peanut butter frosting. Divine. After the game, we went to a Mexican restaurant by the fields. (Not even worth the time to google the name of it.) It was a mellow night, but nice for the first day walking around the neighborhood.

We (read: I) started off Friday early because I wanted to watch the Royal Wedding. I just wanted to see people arrive, the dress, and of course the little bit of the ceremony that they participated in before really old dudes started talking. I managed to sneak in a nap before we started on our morning. We went to the Udvar-Hazy Center for the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. It's a HUGE hangar next to Dulles and houses a Concorde, Blackbird, and a Space Shuttle. It was crazy to see the evolution of flight. While there, my dad signed my up for a membership (they were on sale) which gives me a discount at the cafes, gift shops, and IMAX films at all the Smithsonians. While at Udvar-Hazy, we also saw an IMAX of fighter jets and a flight simulator. It was pretty cool.

Me and the padre.
After that, it was onto the grocery store so my dad could make some of my favorite meals to freeze and have for lunches and dinners. I chose stuffed shells and green chile. Both are amazing and I have so much to hold me over until he comes back to town. Simply delicious. 

On Saturday, we went down to the Mall and went to the main Air & Space Museum. That place was cray cray busy. We anticipated that, but I don't think that I'll ever grow used to the droves of teenagers in  matching shirts and their inattentive chaperons. We saw an IMAX about building the Boeing 787. We both agreed that going to Everett, Washington and seeing it first hand was way cooler than some IMAX movie.

We walked down the Mall hitting up the monuments and memorials along the way. After we had our fill of people and places, we decided to walk into Georgetown and get some dinner with another visit to a cupcakery for comparison purposes, of course. (That, and I had a free six pack from Sprinkles.) For the record, my dad said that Hello Cupcake was superior.

Dad couldn't wait to try the coconut.

Saturday night was spent watching the NASCAR race and me reading. It was a nice evening to end a whirlwind trip.

Since my dad and I only see each other a couple of times a year, it was nice to just be me and him, not catching up with other people or having other people around. That, and he wanted to check in on his baby girl  because I'm living in a big city by myself. I don't think that he'll ever grow out of that.

This weekend holds the Virginia Gold Cup. Thank seersucker, hats, and horse races. I'll have a whole post detailing the sights and preptasticness of the weekend.

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