Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Visit Back to My Homeland

I went home for a long weekend to Denver and jam packed every moment that I was there.

Thursday was Erin & Dash's Going Away and dinner and a night a Cowboy Lounge to fuel my cowgirl heart. While we were there, I saw Sperry's twirling around cowboy boots. It was like a sign that I can coexist in the preppy world with my cowboy boots.

Erin & Dash are ballers having their party at the Four Seasons.

A little Mexican food with my girls before kicking up our heels.

Friday was nice to spend a little time in Estes Park before Andi & Chris' wedding that night.

The historic Stanley Hotel

View like this could actually move me back.

Saturday, I spent some time with some old friends at the pool with their kids. I got to meet baby Gemma for the first time, too! (She arrived a mere two weeks after my move.) After the pool, we BBQed and chatted the night away.

Snodyn wasn't having any of the camera time.

Mama Molly, me, and baby Gemma kicking it in the shade.

Erin and Austin who has to ham it up for the camera.
Sunday brunch was in full effect as to not waste a moment to see everyone while I was home. Afterwards, I set to my usual role of setting up and prepping for family dinner. And prepping for a water balloon ambush as my mother had masterminded. And I wonder why they don't trust me.

A FroYo date later with my favorite married couple Mr. & Mrs. Ellis, I was ready to pack up my bags and head back to the District.

While being back in Colorado was nice and a welcome respite from the humidity of DC, I am glad to be back in my home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Zoo

On Sunday, Liz and I ventured over to the National Zoo. We figured we could walk around enough to justify a trip to Sticky Fingers for cupcakes and get some baby cheetah slash panda cuteness, too.

I don't know if ti was to hot for the cheetahs and pandas, but it seems like we only saw animals in the small mammal house, the lowland gorillas, tortoises, and the big cats.

There were a lot of exhibits under construction and renovation. So, there were no water animals like seals or otters. I think that the Denver Zoo has the National Zoo beat when it comes to animals, but I may be partial. Then again, when you charge admission, you may have more leeway in the animals since you aren't depending on federal funds to keep the zoo free.

Oh well.

I did walk enough that we decided to have a GF cupcake and GF cookie from Sticky Fingers for a nice little Sunday.

Next up, I'll be heading back to my homeland for a long weekend. I can already tell that I am an East coast resident as my packing revolved around heat with humidity, completely forgetting that Estes Park (which is 7,522 feet above sea level) drops into the 40s at night and shorts and a t-shirt won't cut it. (Cut to me adding a jacket to the suitcase.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kickball Season Update

As the kickball season comes down to the playoffs, I thought that I might give a little season update.

Going into this week, the Declawed Kittens were on a four-game winning streak. We had an inter-league game with E=MC Hammered which has a nemesis of the Kittens in Phil on the team.

So, naturally, our team captain, Damien, had to invite them over for drinks before the game in hopes of letting down their guard, perhaps getting them a little inebriated, and then dominate them on the field.

While we did enjoy being in the presences of the white LL Cool J, our efforts were for not as we lost 4-2 to the 10 season vets. (Yeah, I instantly feel better about myself that I have invested 10 seasons to a rec sport and over 30. Just sayin'.)

The two teams walking to the game...united in our drinking, divided in our team allegiance.
We also had a date auction that raised money for a local charity. Of course the promise of free beer brought people around and there was plenty of eye candy for the taking, but it was a little rich for my blood. (Seriously, people went for $200.) And I do have to commend my teammate Tony for offering himself up for the taking.

Since the playoffs begin this week, I will be missing them because I will be going to Boston to see NKOTBSB at Fenway, so it's a fair trade. I mean, the difference is that my cocktails are going to be way more expensive than if I were at kickball. C'est la vie, but whatever, it's NKOTBSB!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mom Comes Back to the District

The last time that my mom was in DC, we were on the 6th Grade trip. So we were trolleyed about on buses, had a strict itinerary and went all over the place.

This trip? Was very different.

We pretty much tried every burger joint and ice cream or FroYo vendor. Not kidding. Shake Shack? Check. The Burger Joint? Check. Ben & Jerry's? Check. Pinkberry? Check. I think that my mom abstained from cupcakes because it was so freaking HOT.

I'm talking temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indexes surpassing 100.

These Colorado girls are built for heat, but not the humidity.

We ended up planning our days around Metro stops, stores, malls, and restaurants. It was a relaxing weekend and I did get some new shoes, a top, and a dress.

Mom said that she enjoyed not doing the touristy thing and she had a good time. A hot, but good time.

This weekend did make me think that when Chelsea visits or Daisy returns, we might have to do a Burger/FroYo/Cupcake crawl because damn, there's some good stuff out there.