Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mother Nature's Vacation in the District

From where DC sits geographically, we are pretty far inland. Granted we are not that far above sea level and there are many a river, and you know, like a whole BAY nearby, but for hurricane-like weather, we're kind of sheltered.

That brings me to Irene. I know that they have to tell you the worst, and hope for the best. I fared well because I never lost power and there wasn't any flooding. In fact, Sunday was a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day.

Irene felt more like a tropical depression than a hurricane from where I hunkered down. Granted, it rained all day and there were some heavy winds, but nothing that frightened me. Heck, there wasn't even a lightening show. All in all, I will take my point for survival of a major storm and add it to the list of marketable skills for a zombie apocalypse.

The calm before the storm...Friday night.

As the first bands rolled in DC

The windiest part of the storm.

Survival gear: flashlight, candle, smoothie, and water.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come On, Irene!

There was a earthquake, and now we're bracing for some hurricane-like weather. I didn't have huge plans this weekend, but with this weather, I was thinking of all the things I could do if it weren't raining cats and dogs.

Granted, my plans just initially included checking out the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument and memorial, shopping, and cleaning. Now, I'm just cleaning and maybe some more online shopping. OK, so it's more like cleaned the floors and bathroom, debating on vacuuming, about to gag from the need to dust, and put away loads of laundry...oh, and iron.

The forecasts are for rain, wind, and potential flooding which means that on the eighth floor, I just need to worry about the wind.

I've hunkered down with my grocery delivery from Peapod, pitchers of water (at my mother's behest), and books to read by candlelight.

Stay safe and stay dry if you're in the path of this bitch Irene. I wonder if she got her name from the Irene from Real World: Seattle that had Lyme Disease and was slapped as she moved out. Hmmmm...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Impromptu 5K with a 20-Pound Pack

You may have heard from Twitter, the news, or the internets in general that there was an earthquake centered about 90 miles from DC. The 5.8 magnitude quake was felt as far away as Ohio and all up down the East Coast.

For me, I was sitting at my desk and felt a little rumbling. Kind of like in a parking garage when a car is driving up a ramp. It was kind of a vibration to start. Then it got a little more intense with the shaking and we moved to the doorway. Everyone looked around at each other realizing that we may have felt an earthquake. Being that we're not in California, I couldn't believe it was an earthquake.

For me, it was a little crazy to feel the building shake that much and I had instant nausea. It subsided, but it was not a great feeling. I can't imagine what it would feel like if it were something in eights that Japan has felt.

Our evacuation was just like a fire drill where we were all assembled and accounted for, we compared our accounts, heard a woman go into labor, and then were released to go home as there was not enough personnel to make sure the building was suitable for everyone to return. Granted, I knew enough that getting everyone back in and through security would be a tall order, I was smart enough to grab my things. I think a lot of people learned that when asked to evacuate, they bring their things with them if possible.

Once I was free to go home, I got to walk the 3.1 miles back to my apartment. Granted, I could have waited for a Metro train once Union Station was reopened, waited for a bus, or hopped on a Capital Bike, but the trains were running slow and behind, the buses were stuck in traffic, and there was not a bike to be found. So, I trekked my 5K home with about 20 pounds in my purse and lunch tote. (I picked the worst day to replenish my office fruit supply of oranges and apples.)

It was crazy to see just how many people are in the city. And that it is prepared to communicate to the masses outdoors. There is a PA system that can be heard without echo between the capital and Union Station that sounds like the voice of God. It let people know what was going on and how to navigate the rest of the day. Pretty cool. I'm glad I got to experience it when it wasn't something more serious, earthquake or otherwise.

I never thought I would have felt an earthquake in my life, so I will add that to one more unforgettable thing I got to experience here in DC.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Broncos Fan in the Eastern Time Zone

Here's something that might send me back to Colorado: Broncos games are blacked out on the East Coast or the kick off is 9pm or LATER. I guess there isn't a demand for Broncos' games when I'm in the homeland of the Eagles, Pats, Steelers, Jets, Giants...and oh yeah, the Redskins and Ravens.

Now, let's talk about what I'm supposed to do with the kickoff for the opening week Monday Night Football at 10:15pm ET. That's right. I got to bed between 9:30 and 10:00pm and kickoff isn't until after that. Seriously? I need the Broncos' games.

On Sundays in Colorado, you wake up around 10am, go to brunch, watch some pregame, you have your first games at 11:00am, then there's a second cycle at 1:00pm, then you have a breather to sober up/get errands or laundry done, prep dinner, get nestled in, and then you have the primetime game. Your day is leisurely, full of football, and - in a word - glorious.

But now, I'm in a blackout situation. I need to find a sports bar that will have the game. Then? I don't have anything to do until around noon because the first games are at 1:00pm. The second cycle is at 3:00pm, and all of a sudden, your day is gone, you have to rush to get errands done because stores close around 6:00pm. Granted, the "primetime" game is at 9:00pm, so there's time for a late dinner and laundry, but what time do you go to bed? What if it's a great game? Monday morning is already hard enough, what's it going to suck like when you stay up past midnight to catch the end of the game?

And this is all regular season. This doesn't even go into the playoffs where every turnover and point counts.

I may have to buy stock in Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy.

What say you East Coast NFL fans? How do you cope? How do you schedule your NFL days?

p.s. College Saturdays are no problem. There are so many games, so many conferences, I can catch at least one of my teams to cope there.