Sunday, May 8, 2011

Virginia Gold Cup

As a consolation to going to the Derby Party at the Denver Botanic Gardens, I went out to The Plains, Virginia with Jen and Liz for some horse races, champagne, seersucker and hats! It was a perfect day for races...not too hot and a little overcast.

The festivities began with mimosas and ended with mediocre salad from the closest restaurant to the place the buses let us off. I saw some of the races, but the track is different from the tracks I'm used to, but it was fun all the same.

Being surrounded with all the pastels, seersucker, and hats, I was in preppy heaven.

How we started the morning.
On the bus on our way to the track.

The party bus

Homeboy had a tough time balancing and peeing....Clearly, I had to document this.
The track

Argyle pants. Win.

Staking our claim on a table.

Paisley blazer. Win.

Pastel pants with horse and jockey print. Win.

The Capital Club tent

Our newest BFFs...I think...whatever.

A proper picture of the hats, but I have fascinator envy.

Pastel print, seersucker tie, cheap wayfarers. Fail.

At the rail to watch some races.
 Although I would have liked to know that the food wasn't unlimited, but more "while supplies last", mostly for the fact that it's a long day and there's lots of booze, so it's more of a necessity. I actually would love to go next year....but this time I'll bring protein bars for sustenance.

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