Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Washington Nationals Games

Not only did I go to my first Nationals' game before July 4th, I went to the Cubbies game on July 5th. (I haven't been able to find my Cubbies shirt, but now that I am writing this post, I should find it.)

Michelle Obama was at the game for the first pitch so that made for some extra guests all around the stadium.

I spy with my little eye...

The bird's eye view from atop the Red Porch

There are some traditions at the games that are fun to watch. The Red Sox have Sweet Caroline & Dirty Water. The Rockies have that Ohhh Ahhh song. The Nationals? Have racing presidents. They will run from center field around the outside to the first base line. Abe, Tommy, George, and Teddy (Get it? Mount Rushmore in Bobblehead/Mascor form) try to best each other. The thing is that Teddy never wins. Ever. He actually had a chance as he locked the other presidents in the room and tried to bolt for the finish line, but tripped just as he was about to cross. That? was his 401st loss.

A view from right center.

Jason Werth...he needs to wear tighter pants.

Teddy has the lead!!!

He's still got it!!!

And then he fails.

But losing a little foot race doesn't keep this bobblehead down.

I will be a Rockies and Red Sox fan always, but I feel like getting a t-shirt with the racing presidents on it wouldn't necessarily be a betrayal, but more of a support for the racing presidents.

That, and the t-shirt is super cute. And that's not me, obvio, but the best pic of the shirt I could find.

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