Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Zoo

On Sunday, Liz and I ventured over to the National Zoo. We figured we could walk around enough to justify a trip to Sticky Fingers for cupcakes and get some baby cheetah slash panda cuteness, too.

I don't know if ti was to hot for the cheetahs and pandas, but it seems like we only saw animals in the small mammal house, the lowland gorillas, tortoises, and the big cats.

There were a lot of exhibits under construction and renovation. So, there were no water animals like seals or otters. I think that the Denver Zoo has the National Zoo beat when it comes to animals, but I may be partial. Then again, when you charge admission, you may have more leeway in the animals since you aren't depending on federal funds to keep the zoo free.

Oh well.

I did walk enough that we decided to have a GF cupcake and GF cookie from Sticky Fingers for a nice little Sunday.

Next up, I'll be heading back to my homeland for a long weekend. I can already tell that I am an East coast resident as my packing revolved around heat with humidity, completely forgetting that Estes Park (which is 7,522 feet above sea level) drops into the 40s at night and shorts and a t-shirt won't cut it. (Cut to me adding a jacket to the suitcase.)

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