Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kickball Season Update

As the kickball season comes down to the playoffs, I thought that I might give a little season update.

Going into this week, the Declawed Kittens were on a four-game winning streak. We had an inter-league game with E=MC Hammered which has a nemesis of the Kittens in Phil on the team.

So, naturally, our team captain, Damien, had to invite them over for drinks before the game in hopes of letting down their guard, perhaps getting them a little inebriated, and then dominate them on the field.

While we did enjoy being in the presences of the white LL Cool J, our efforts were for not as we lost 4-2 to the 10 season vets. (Yeah, I instantly feel better about myself that I have invested 10 seasons to a rec sport and over 30. Just sayin'.)

The two teams walking to the game...united in our drinking, divided in our team allegiance.
We also had a date auction that raised money for a local charity. Of course the promise of free beer brought people around and there was plenty of eye candy for the taking, but it was a little rich for my blood. (Seriously, people went for $200.) And I do have to commend my teammate Tony for offering himself up for the taking.

Since the playoffs begin this week, I will be missing them because I will be going to Boston to see NKOTBSB at Fenway, so it's a fair trade. I mean, the difference is that my cocktails are going to be way more expensive than if I were at kickball. C'est la vie, but whatever, it's NKOTBSB!!

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