Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Visit Back to My Homeland

I went home for a long weekend to Denver and jam packed every moment that I was there.

Thursday was Erin & Dash's Going Away and dinner and a night a Cowboy Lounge to fuel my cowgirl heart. While we were there, I saw Sperry's twirling around cowboy boots. It was like a sign that I can coexist in the preppy world with my cowboy boots.

Erin & Dash are ballers having their party at the Four Seasons.

A little Mexican food with my girls before kicking up our heels.

Friday was nice to spend a little time in Estes Park before Andi & Chris' wedding that night.

The historic Stanley Hotel

View like this could actually move me back.

Saturday, I spent some time with some old friends at the pool with their kids. I got to meet baby Gemma for the first time, too! (She arrived a mere two weeks after my move.) After the pool, we BBQed and chatted the night away.

Snodyn wasn't having any of the camera time.

Mama Molly, me, and baby Gemma kicking it in the shade.

Erin and Austin who has to ham it up for the camera.
Sunday brunch was in full effect as to not waste a moment to see everyone while I was home. Afterwards, I set to my usual role of setting up and prepping for family dinner. And prepping for a water balloon ambush as my mother had masterminded. And I wonder why they don't trust me.

A FroYo date later with my favorite married couple Mr. & Mrs. Ellis, I was ready to pack up my bags and head back to the District.

While being back in Colorado was nice and a welcome respite from the humidity of DC, I am glad to be back in my home.

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