Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Kickball Season

We're already into Week 4 of DC Liberty Kickball, but seeing as I missed weeks 2 & 3 from illness and traveling, in that order, I'm really only behind by a week.

This season, the Declawed Kittens are forest green (not the best option) and confusing the hell out of the league. We are pretty well put together when it comes to fielding and batting, so we are presently a top-ranked team with a 3-0-1 record. Pretty awesome considering the season before, we eeked out a winning season and before that (and before me), they had only won one game.

But enough about the team. Let's talk about how I rocked it.

Last night was my first at-bat for the season. (Game 1 was due to time constraints and I was at the bottom of the order.) I was nervous that I would be in the middle of the order and really did not want to get out on my first at-bat since May. I didn't have to worry, though. I not only batted twice, I got on base twice! That's right. I'm batting a thousand. Oh, and I scored after my first at-bat. I'm kind of a rock star.

Now, I'm sure that you're thinking I have a little of an inflated ego, but let's be clear, I'm told so. How so? I was game co-MVP!!! That? Was also after I didn't field. I'm like the American League that pays a batter just to be a batter rather than get an all-around player like the National League. (Go Rockies.)

Now onto the grainy, bar-lit, cell phone picture portion of the post:
Post-win awesomeness

PIC - Season 2, with devil eyes in the background

Pre-game awesomeness. With a LivingSocial deal of $1 for $10 of food and drink during happy hour? OK!

What it looks like to get woken up by a bouncer when you can't hang post-kickball.

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