Thursday, October 6, 2011

Redskins vs. Giants

Better late than never, so deal.

On Sunday, September 11, I went to the Washington Redskins game. They played the NY Giants. An epic match up for such a somber moment in American history. Not being a Redskins fan, but a fan of all things Manning brothers, I got myself a little red, white, and blue for the game.

Gen. Colin Powell was the coin tosser and there were a lot of first responders at the game to be honored.

I have some ponderings about Redskins football, though. They have a marching band and a fight song. I was not aware that teams past college had such traditions. Interesting to say the least.

Also, there's a guy in our section who smuggles in candy bars to throw up in the stands when the Redskins score. Kind of creepy when he's wearing sweatpants in 80 degrees and it's chocolate.

The whole crew at FedEx Field

Lounging in our combined tailgate with our new friends.

Who brings a wok to tailgate? This guy.

Staying cool in the white before game time.

Did not know that an NFL team had a marching band.

Ready to run out.

Amazing seats.

The flag as big as the field. 
All in all, a great start to the football season!

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