Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White House Gardens Tour

A couple of weekends ago, Chelle (you know, Mrs. Obama), invited me over to walk through the gardens around the White House.

OK, so it wasn't exactly a personal invite, but she probably read the letter welcoming me before she allowed someone to print her signature with it in the pamphlet I received. So, same thing.

It was amazing to get thisclose to the White House and see some of the iconic places like the Rose Garden, Jackson's magnolias, and the kitchen garden. It was a gorgeous fall day with sunshine and just enough of crispness in the air that it was nice in the sun.

On my way to the gardens, Chelle and Barry had to leave for the MLK dedication, so they left me to wonder within a well structured path lined with volunteers and armed guards. So warm and comforting.
Chelle and Barry whisking away to MLK

View from the Green Room: Washington Monument, National Christmas Tree, and fountain.

Knock knock

The not-so-full-of-roses-Rose Garden

I spy with my little eye a Monarch butterfly

Chelle's other hundred closest besties

Mama likes a spicy meat-a-ball


Like I said, flowers and automatic weapons.

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