Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mom Comes Back to the District

The last time that my mom was in DC, we were on the 6th Grade trip. So we were trolleyed about on buses, had a strict itinerary and went all over the place.

This trip? Was very different.

We pretty much tried every burger joint and ice cream or FroYo vendor. Not kidding. Shake Shack? Check. The Burger Joint? Check. Ben & Jerry's? Check. Pinkberry? Check. I think that my mom abstained from cupcakes because it was so freaking HOT.

I'm talking temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indexes surpassing 100.

These Colorado girls are built for heat, but not the humidity.

We ended up planning our days around Metro stops, stores, malls, and restaurants. It was a relaxing weekend and I did get some new shoes, a top, and a dress.

Mom said that she enjoyed not doing the touristy thing and she had a good time. A hot, but good time.

This weekend did make me think that when Chelsea visits or Daisy returns, we might have to do a Burger/FroYo/Cupcake crawl because damn, there's some good stuff out there.

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  1. Yeeees! I will fast first ;) We can wear sweet visors, and carry those pocket fans like old florida women!