Thursday, August 11, 2011

Broncos Fan in the Eastern Time Zone

Here's something that might send me back to Colorado: Broncos games are blacked out on the East Coast or the kick off is 9pm or LATER. I guess there isn't a demand for Broncos' games when I'm in the homeland of the Eagles, Pats, Steelers, Jets, Giants...and oh yeah, the Redskins and Ravens.

Now, let's talk about what I'm supposed to do with the kickoff for the opening week Monday Night Football at 10:15pm ET. That's right. I got to bed between 9:30 and 10:00pm and kickoff isn't until after that. Seriously? I need the Broncos' games.

On Sundays in Colorado, you wake up around 10am, go to brunch, watch some pregame, you have your first games at 11:00am, then there's a second cycle at 1:00pm, then you have a breather to sober up/get errands or laundry done, prep dinner, get nestled in, and then you have the primetime game. Your day is leisurely, full of football, and - in a word - glorious.

But now, I'm in a blackout situation. I need to find a sports bar that will have the game. Then? I don't have anything to do until around noon because the first games are at 1:00pm. The second cycle is at 3:00pm, and all of a sudden, your day is gone, you have to rush to get errands done because stores close around 6:00pm. Granted, the "primetime" game is at 9:00pm, so there's time for a late dinner and laundry, but what time do you go to bed? What if it's a great game? Monday morning is already hard enough, what's it going to suck like when you stay up past midnight to catch the end of the game?

And this is all regular season. This doesn't even go into the playoffs where every turnover and point counts.

I may have to buy stock in Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy.

What say you East Coast NFL fans? How do you cope? How do you schedule your NFL days?

p.s. College Saturdays are no problem. There are so many games, so many conferences, I can catch at least one of my teams to cope there.

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