Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taste of DC

The Taste of DC is a three-day event that shuts down 4 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue and dedicates it to food, booze, and music. There are amazing treats, eats, bites, and tastes from hundreds of DC area eateries. Trust me. It's amazing.

Groupon is a co-sponsor, so through the magic of the internet, me and my friend Liz managed to score a great deal on tickets and admissions to the front row of Big & Rich concert and the Bier Garden. Knowing I'm not able to partake in beer, we didn't spend much time there.

Anyway, I thought that I would tell you about some of the eats hat I had. Well, really, I'll tell you that I had some chocolates, some pad thai, and the cream cheese frosting cap from a Sprinkles cupcake because the cake part was not their usual deliciousness, but what I really what to tell you about is the rice pudding.

Now, you make be, like me, thinking, "Ewwwww....tapicoca?" but you would be wrong. First, it's served warm. Second it's peanut butter flavored. That's right. It's like warm peanut butter yumminess. And this stuff was AMAZING. The best part? That wasn't even everything that he wanted to dress it with. He had run out of marshmallows to roast, chocolate sauce, and chocolate-covered bacon. You see, this wasn't just any rice pudding, the menu read: Peanut Butter S'more Rice Pudding with Chocolate-Covered Bacon. Seriously, just blogging about it makes my mouth water. Totally going to experience their whole menu at the restaurant. Even if it's just the dessert menu.

It's like spring break for foodies.

Big & Rich in the main stage.

Hard core hard cider [temporary] tat.

Since we're special, we scored full-size Sprinkles cupcakes for the price of the minis.

Cute little opening band.


  1. "spring break for foodies" = classic. Love it!

  2. sprinkles opened up not too long ago in NYC. i'm diggin it.