Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to Reality

Every time I say that phrase in my head, I hear Eminem go "Back to reality/Oops, there goes gravity..." I'm so thug slash legit.

(Although I doubt those living the "thug life" do any of the following: A) wear pearls, B) blog, or C) still listen to Eminem.)

I digress.

But really, that's the theme for today. I have managed to avoid everyday life and reality for the last 48 hours and it has been nice. I went to Texas for a quick wedding planning help trip for my cousin. (Read about it at Caffeine & Cocktails.) Now, I'm in the home stretch before I move to The District.

As my birthday present from my aunt & uncle, she gave me Space Bags. I have a couple from prior moves, but I really was avoiding trying to buy more because they can be expensive. With them as a gift, though, I now have no excuse to get everything together.

Oh, wait.

Yes I do.

I have to sleep, work, see some family members, celebrate my birthday & going away with both family and friends (multiple times because who doesn't like a party?), sleep, and work some more.

I might need an intervention to get me to focus. I can already envision my mad packing Thursday next week as I try to assemble everything and get out the door tasking my mother with getting to UPS to ships some boxes, and then sleeping on the plane. (Forget that, I'll be too excited. I won't sleep!)

OK, someone smack me to get my crap together and get things ready already!

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  1. That song pops into my head every time I hear that phase. I love Eminem.

    I hate packing. Loathe.