Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looking Ahead

In less than four weeks, I will be a DC denizen! I have so many things, places, people, that I want to see, do, and meet, it's killing me to have to wait, but I'm not ready to go just yet.

Here's just a short list of the things that I'm looking forward to in DC:

  • Trader. Joe's. Enough said.
  • H&M. See above.
  • Sticky Fingers. It's a vegan bakery and cafe that also serve GF goodies. My bankruptcy counterpart is Vegan, so we've decided that this will be our hangover hangout.
  • Target. It has an escalator for carts. How cool is that?
  • My own space again. Not that I don't love the sweet gig I have now, it's just not the same.
  • Meeting my new coworkers, getting settled in my new office space.
  • Meeting mutual friends that have hooked me up in knowledge and that I won't be an island.
  • Walking distance to almost everything that I need.
I'm excited to get there and get settled in, but all the same, I'm trying to jam as much as possible into the last few weeks that I have in Colorado.


  1. And Sprinkles will be here waiting for you! :)

  2. Got to love Trader Joe's, one of the perks to living in DC! I can't wait til they open up their second location on Capitol Hill,. I love the fact that you just don't need a car in DC. I left my car with my parents when I moved here 3.5 years ago and haven't missed it since. Plus you get a great workout walking everywhere, and I hate the gym so it works out great for me.

  3. Hey Ana,

    I made the move from Colorado to DC in June. I still miss my home state every single day, but I can't tell you how happy I am to be here in Washington. It's really a fantastic city, and I'm thankful every morning I wake up here.

    My suggestion: start following the blogs! There's a wonderful network of DC-centric blogs, like DCist, We Love DC, Washington City Paper, TBD, Going Out Gurus, Capitol Bites, etc. These will help you go beyond your monument bucket list to see Washington like a real native. There's more to the city than just the Mall!

    Good luck!!!

  4. Welcome! We're looking forward to having you!

  5. Everyone loves Trader Joe's! :)