Saturday, March 19, 2011


You know how when you think about the amount of clothes that you have, they could easily fit into you luggage, right?

I started packing and have found that I could potentially stretch the seems with space bags and such, but the airlines 50 lbs. limit really makes the capacity of my baggage less than used.

I have set aside clothes and shoes for the next week of life, but I still have to pack my jewelry, housewares, and all the clothes I set aside for life.

I haven't even started looking at my toiletries. Dear little baby Jesus in golden fleece diapers, let that go easily. I'm debating in my head (it's really crowded in there right now) what to ship and what to pack when it comes to the get pretty stuff.

Other than that, I feel very accomplished! Finally!

By the way, I have around 300 pounds worth of stuff to take to DC. Wow. Thankfully, I can check two bags, my BFF that's coming with me can check two bags for me, and I have a shipping allowance.

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