Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moving Weekend

Backing up to last Friday, I woke up giddy knowing that I was going to fly across the country to begin the next chapter in my life.

I have a very specific itinerary to adhere to once I landed. I needed to check into my hotel, sign my lease, pick up my pack mule - I mean, friend - Daisy, get to Target...

Time out.
The National Marathon was Saturday, March 26, and the route surrounded all routes that I would have used to get to any Target. This was also distressing because my furniture would have to traverse the same streets which means I might not have a bed to rest my head in on Saturday.
Time in.

After Target, I would need some rest! My cousin lives in Virginia and came into town to help out on his weekend with toting me around and getting those first essentials.

The National Marathon actually ended up being a great thing because I was more efficient in my errands and was able to get out on Saturday with Daisy as a tourist in my new home rather than cooped up in an apartment.

Arlington National Cemetary

Robert E. Lee's House

Tomb of the Unknowns

Changing of the Gaurd

Changing of the Wreath

Some cherry blossoms over the cemetary

View from the Amphitheater to Robert E. Lee's House

Those legendary cherry blossoms!

View from Robert E. Lee's house.


L to R: Jack Jr., JFK, Jackie O

View from the Memorial Bridge. (You can see the white blossoms in the Tidal Basin.)

Honest Abe

The Reflecting Pool is getting a face lift.

Korean War Memorial

WWII Memorial and Washington Monument

From Atlantic to Pacific

3 oh 3!

Wow. That's tall.

That Capitol and Smithsonian castle.

The National Archives

The White House. Duh.
Saturday and Sunday were filled with sights and errands. It was a perfect mix for the weekend. Enough to enjoy a last hurrah with my girl Daisy, thank her for coming all the way and helping me unpack, and feeling settled enough to start Monday morning running.

Although, there's a whole other post about the tourists on the mall. We'll just say my patience was worn thin.

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  1. Ana, in honor of your move, I wrote a post with some advice. Enjoy, congrats and enjoy the East Coast!