Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deliveries Accepted

Since moving to the District, I have gotten some packages and cards from friends and families all over. I love getting things in the snail mail!

Here's what came today:
(Not pictured: Yoga DVD.)
First, I'll explain what's not pictured: the yoga DVD. Jenn that came to town my first real weekend here and she was sweet enough to think of me and send me a yoga DVD from Jennifer Anniston's trainer! So excited to try it out!

Now, onto the troubling: trash bags. I received an unmarked envelope with just the bag of trash bags. I instantly called my mom thinking it was from crossed-wires with my grandma. Well, it wasn't her, but she said that maybe someone was reading my blog and read that I needed trash bags because they charge for them here. Next on my list was my aunt. Sure enough, she sent me the trash bags because she read that I needed them. She also sent the framed quote:
She wasn't where she had been. She wasn't where she was going...but she was on her way.
Perfect for this little sojourn I am on.

I also got some gorgeous roses from my aunt and uncle in Minnesota. They haven't opened up yet, but they smell divine and really brighten up my living room!

I would like to also extend an invite for deliveries while I'm recuperating from "discovering" the city. I mean, there's so many "sights" that I have to drink it all in. So, naturally, I have a DC hangover. Acceptable goods: Slurpees, french fries, and hair of the gluten-free dog. kthanksbye

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