Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Out There

At one of my first happy hours, I learned of all sorts of rec leagues in DC. There's wiffle ball, bocce ball, and kickball...and that's just what my new found friends do. At the advice of several friends, I knew that I wanted to look into perhaps even be a free agent with some teams to get out and meet people.

So far, in two outings, I have been recruited for two kickball teams and potentially a wiffle ball team. I only say potentially for the wiffle ball because it requires hand-eye coordination and I really only possess foot-eye coordination as demonstrated with kicking ass and kicking that pigeon in Italy.

A little off topic, but a great way to get a local number without turning from your roots (I will always be a 303 girl) you can get a Google Voice number. Just tell them the area code and if you have words you want it to spell, they will see what's available. From there, you get to browse through all sorts of numbers. What's great is that it's automatically set up to forward to any number you choose. So, I have my new local number forwarded to my 303 cell phone. I'm a local and a 303 girl all at once!

With all of these new adventures, I am excited to meet new people, see new parts of the city, and generally revel in the fact that I live in our nation's capital.


  1. What a perfect way to jump into the social scene! I played flag football a few years ago and it was always a blast!

  2. Nice work...way to get out there! recreational sports are the best way to stay active and meet new peeps! Have fun!