Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Hate to Break It to You, Denver...

...but, I'm having an affair with DC.

Today, I went to a farmer's market and then walked around the 'hood a little.

In all, I trekked 4.25 miles around this town. (Thanks to Map My Run. Best thing ever for seeing how much you walk/run.)

The farmer's market was AH. MAZE. ZING. There are organic and natural vendors for milk, cheese, eggs, meats, poultry, bread, pastries, gelato, soups, dips, jams, preserves, flowers and of course, veggies and fruits, oh my! I have to make sure that before I hit Whole Foods & the like, that I make it to the farmer's market first to get all of the amazing offerings! I can't wait for next weekend. I found some delicious and MASSIVE apples from a local farmer.
See? I told you. Massive. Point of comparison a 12 oz. can of soda.
From the farmer's market, I walked down 16th Street to the Lafayette Square, the White House, President's Park, then up through to Logan Circle. It was a perfect little two and a half hour walk and tourist outing that also let me see even more areas of the town.

The backside of the White House - Buddy was playing in the yard.
Eisenhower Executive Office Building with the First Division Monument.
The White House
Behind the Department of the Treasury, guys were playing roller hockey and they had a Wayne's World "Car/Game On" system for the Secret Service Police.
He's on the Twenty and has statue with cannons in Lafayette Square
Gorgeous little gardens in the President's Park & Lafayette Square
My next plan is to print out some of my pictures and start creating some pieces to hang on my bare wall.

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