Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Settled

I'm slowly getting settled into my apartment and my routine.

I have some organization to work on in the bathroom and bedroom, but I know where to find things (THANKS IN LARGE PART TO DAISY) and I know how to find my way around town. OK, the parts of town I've been in.

I am even a mass transit user. Not just for random games, nights at the bar, or when I visit other cities. I am a SmarTrip toting Metro commuter.

I'm totes offish.
My office is now all comfortable after more phone calls to the help desk (who I have on speed dial) and moving my computer around. I am also more comfortable finding my way through the labyrinth of offices.

I also feel much better about the work. I was insecure that I would be useful or even smart enough to be with these people. I mean, their talking was so above my head I felt like my head was swirling. Today, though,'s like the pieces fell into place in my head and I can see how I will not only fit into this puzzle, but I'm really excited about it!

And as I come home, I take the time to get some pieces put into place. I figure I can do a little every work day and a big effort on my days off. As I unpack, I have also found little pictures that my mom and grandma have stashed in random places in my luggage. (I teared up. It's my mom and grandma. And cute pictures of the family and my grandpa.)

As a follow up, I was able to get the purse out of the desk.

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  1. haha! So glad you are starting to settle in:) I CANNOT WAIT for D.C. trip 2011. Are we still on for 4th of July? That seems like eons away!