Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I Miss the Most

Aside from the family, dog, friends that I could spout out about missing, (special shout out to Harry who's the most popular dog because he's pictured on my credit card), I do miss some things:
  • Mexican food. Seriously, Chipotle isn’t going to cut it for long. Not to mention, they don’t have the brown rice out here yet.
  • Sunshine. The sun really does shine in Colorado a whole lot more than anywhere else.
  • Weekend planning. This whole threat of a government shutdown really messes with my ability to go to other monuments and memorials that I haven’t hit up yet. There’s so much of this town that’s tied to government funding that it really cramps my style.
  • Having the news at 10pm. Really, asking me to stay up until 11pm for the local news is really asking too much.
  • Bootcamp at 5:30am. I know, that sounds like torture, but you’re done with a kick ass workout by 6:30am and you have the rest of the day to do whatever.
  • Casual Friday. So, the definition of casual Friday in Denver is jeans. Those comfy pants that transition easily into happy hour and beyond…here, I have “Khaki Friday”…that’s khakis, a polo and sweater to work…which is lame compared to jeans.
  • Sushi. You would think that being so close to water and an abundance of fresh fish that I would be literally swimming with delicious sushi. Not so. Every time that I’ve had fish here – sashimi, nigiri, tuna steak, canned tuna even – it smells and tastes like fish. If you’ve ever had good fish, it should taste like butta and melt in your mouth. Seriously, where’s the damn fish? This bitty is about to get pissed.
  • Free grocery bags. I get that you’re saving the environment, but can’t we have a “first one free” program? I have bathroom trash cans that need liners. That would be great, thanks.
Have you ever moved to a new place - across the country or across town - and took the little things for granted?


  1. I miss Colorado mexican food, because Tex-Mex is not the same.
    Fall, I miss Fall ALOT.
    Noodles & Co, nuf said.
    Public parks, Jeff Co has a ton of Open Space, Austin has a bit but its not nearly enough.
    Knowing which direction I'm heading in just by looking up, it took me a good 2 years to figure out NSEW w/o my beloved Rocky Mountains.
    Easy Street Wheat, Shiner is nice, but gosh what I wouldn't give for O'Dells to distribute here.
    It was really hard at first, but I've grown to look at these things as extra perks to visiting Denver and I make sure to take advantage every trip home!

  2. Here are a few little suggestions from a fellow-former-Denver-ite who is surviving & thriving here in the Nation's Capital:
    - Rosa Mexicana in Chinatown has awesome guac & margs, and/or you could try El Guapo's in Friendship Heights
    - for good sushi: I like Sakana in Dupont Circle, and Ishiban in Old Town Alexandria (but nothing compares to Sushi Den!)
    - Ris in Foggy Bottom has excellent Rockfish, and I'd be happy to escort you to Annapolis for the much improved fish & crab selections out there this summer :)