Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Happiest of Hours

As I've already blogged about, the work was very mind boggling. Thankfully, I have had a couple of happy hours to unwind with coworkers and new friends.

That's something about this town. They do happy hour. Maybe it's because there are more people to begin with, maybe it's because some of them are tourists on vacation. (Which, I can't blame them if they are toting about any of the screaming children or moody tweens.) But, these people congregate, mingle, and talk about everything.

I have also now met with my virtual friend Jen! Our mutual friend Tricia connected us when she learned that I was moving to her friend from New York's 'hood. The crazy part of meeting her was actually meeting her friend first by pure happen stance as we were waiting at the bar. Such a small world.

Thankfully, DC is a small world, not a small town like Denver was for me.

Apologies, too, to any twitter followers for the onslaught of tweets post HH with Jen, but you were warned.


  1. Happy hour and brunch! Two things that city girls do well!

  2. DC is teeny tiny -- trust me. everyone is connected to everyone else by only a few degrees.