Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Blossoms and Familiar Faces

Over the weekend, we managed to make it down to the Tidal Basin and check out the blossoms before the winds whipped the blossoms away. The blossoms were gorgeous, but the tourists? Not so much.

I guess that the tourist season begins now and ends with....winter. Oh well, I guess I was once one of the droves of tweens in the city on a school trip.

In the meantime, I got some great shots.

I'm just sitting out here watching airplanes...take off...and flyyyyyyyy

My turn at the artful framing of blossoms
Kicking it with TJ

Another artsy shot.
 This weekend, there were also a couple of Deltas in town that I got to catch up with, meet their DC peeps, and try out some bars and restaurants in the 'hood.
A Delta from Denver. (Side note: check homeboy's face behind me. Hysterical.)

More Deltas for dinner.


  1. that second shot is AMAZING! xoxo

  2. what lovely photos!

    new to your blog, i'm from the 303 and spent two summers in the 202, trying to move back there now. :) good luck with everything!